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At Jashco there are different Categories to search under, each one will be of interest to different people wanting to get  detailed information on a particular subject to make it more convenient I have put down the following information so that you can learn more about each one.

Hi my name is Harry Daykin and I have organized this information if you want to learn more please go to  to learn more about the world of technology and web design.

Here is a  list of Categories that I am working on. I am developing each one to give the reader up to-date information  concerning important everyday topics  that may be of  interest to everyone

This  information  will continue to be developed and customized on  each website so that you can receive new updated developments  that will help you learn about your chosen field.

Going to Forest: Forest great town 10 minutes from Village Inn check it out? 

Village Inn: Going to Lambton Shores lot’s to do at the Village Inn?

Jay’s DinerWant to experience live music great fish& chips, Visit Jay’s ?

Accounting : Everything you need to know about managing money

Auto RepairsHow to repair and maintain your own car

BlogsWhat is blogging how do I get started?

BooksHow can I begin to write and get my book published?

BusinessStarting your own business

CancerAll about Cancer , prevention and cures

Christian: Learn about the Word of God and how to apply it to your life

Cameras:  Whats new latest technologies with photo and camera equipment 

Computers: New advances in computers technology find out today?

Computer Upgrades:  Learn how to upgrade and repair computers

Debt: How to get out of debt and learn how to save your money

Fashion: What are the latest fashions for dress and cosmetics?

Food:  Learn how to cook and prepare different dishes

Gardening: How to plant and maintain a working garden

Health: Health risk, eating and exercise for any age group

Keywords:  When designing a website you need to know about keywords

MedicalLearn the latest on medical break- through developments

Money:  How to make, spent, and save money in today’s economy

Music Here the music of Harry Daykin learn how to create your own music

News:  Latest news around the world what’s happening today?

Pets:  How to keep your cat, dog or pet  happy and healthy

Renovation:  Learn the basics on home renovation and repairs

Travel: Find the perfect destination at the right price and time

Scams: What are the latest on line scams how to protect yourself from them

Software: Here you can learn about internet information, how it works

Virtual ComputersInstallation of virtual computers

Wealth: How to invest and keep the money you are making

Web CreationHow to create a website and make money

Web DesignHow to  and manage a professional website. and make money


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